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Analysis Run

You can start the analysis run by pushing the Apply or OK button of the main dialog. The geometry set and the topology information must be given.

If any requested check criterion relies on topology information , the topology is reevaluated if the selected geometry changed since the last topology evaluation. All objects in the geometry set are checked according to the check criteria list. For each criterion a list of comply errors for all violations is created. At the end of this run the comply error list information is mapped into two temporary files:

The Results Log File stores all diagnosis information of an analysis run. The external format implements the global check criteria.

The Comply Error Objects File contains the comply errors mapped into a session independent representation suitable for loading into another UG interactive session. The Results Log File is also appended to the Comply Error Objects File. All output files created by the VDA Checker are simple, line oriented, human readable text files.

When the VDA Checker terminates, the temporary Results Log File and Comply Error Objects File are copied to their destination files, with file extensions *.log and *.ceo respectively. By default the *.log and *.ceo filenames are derived from the part filename (that is, for a part demo_part.prt,  demo_part.log and demo_part.ceo is derived).

NOTE:  You must rename these files to prevent them from being overwritten during the next session or batch run.

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